In establishing Concordia Multi Academy Trust all members and directors agreed the following key principles:

• Members and directors will receive no remuneration from the Trust in their role as member or director

• In order that member schools and all pupils benefit from the increased financial flexibility of Academy status the percentage top-slice required to operate the Multi Academy Trust (MAT) will be kept to the minimum required to operate efficiently and successfully


The Trust is committed to providing the highest standards within its family of schools. The major aim is to create and foster a culture of high aspiration within all member schools and to enable and empower pupils to achieve to the highest levels regardless of social or economic background. The Trust will strive for excellence in everything it seeks to achieve across all four of the participating schools, particularly in attainment and progress, the quality of teaching and learning and leadership and management. Our vision is rooted in the celebration and promotion of each member school’s own diverse and dynamic character, and the desire to provide the best possible opportunities for all children. At Concordia MAT we recognise the unique qualities of the four member schools promoting their autonomy to enable each school to develop their own curriculum and practices to reflect the needs of their learners. We encourage and actively seek the sharing of best practice from across the trust ensuring the successes of individual schools supports the development of all.


The overarching objectives of Concordia Multi Academy Trust are to:

• enable autonomous, outstanding academies within the MAT framework with a commitment to providing a high-quality education for all children,

• develop systems of monitoring attainment and progress to identify, escalate and tackle problems quickly,

• recruit and retain powerful and authoritative leaders, with a clear vision for bringing about higher standards,

• develop succession planning across the Academy structure, giving a high priority to leadership development in order to secure a pipeline of future talent,

• invest in professional development and the sharing of knowledge and expertise across the MAT,

• provide stability in governance and leadership,

• achieve a clear framework of governance, accountability and delegation to ensure absolute clarity of roles and responsibilities,

• develop financial systems that ensure best value and financial probity,

• have a cautious and considered approach to expansion.

Childer Thornton Primary School, Parklands Community Primary School, Town Lane Infant School, Wolverham Primary & Nursery School