Join a Local Academy Board

We operate Local Academy Boards at each of our schools who assist to “Monitor, Support and Advise” at a local school level to ensure that the highest quality of education is achieved and the wellbeing of pupils and staff are prioritised in line with Trust expectations. 

We are always looking at new people to sit on these boards and look for a broad range of skills, attributes and experience.

Each of our schools is different and our Trust is keen to ensure that each Local Academy Board provides the support it needs.

Learn more below on our Local Academy Boards:


Thank you for considering to join one of Local Academy Boards.

The LAB’s play a vital role in our Trust and we value their input massively and are extremely grateful for each and every person for giving up their time.

As Chair of Trustees I want to ensure that each school has the support it needs from a strong Local Academy Board with a broad range of skills that compliments the school and provides challenge.

I would be delighted if you decided to join one of LAB’s.

Learn more about our Trustees here.


Such an important question and so many ways to answer this!

The main point is that it is extremely rewarding to join an LAB and know that your input is making a difference to the pupils in school - it’s ultimately why we are all here whether we are volunteers or staff.


Our LAB’s have a set of roles including the below that shows you don’t just need to be someone already involved in education:

•    Behaviour and Attitudes 

•    Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) 

•    Health and safety including premises 

•    Safeguarding 

•    SEND 

•    Staff Workload and Wellbeing 

•    Quality of Education 

We offer training and support when you first join an LAB so we’ll provide plenty of support.

Increasingly businesses are allowing their staff to have free time under their Social Corporate Responsibility, or similar, policies to support local causes.


The Trust recognise that Representatives of the Local Academy Board are volunteers. 

The Trust anticipate that Representatives will attend all LAB Meetings, once every half term (6 a year) for around 2 hours, and are expected to visit the school a minimum of once per term. 

Reports will be circulated before any meetings and you will need about two hours to review these before the meeting itself.  

For the Quality of Education meetings, if you are allocated Subject Link responsibility, you will need to spend additional time liaising with the subject lead.   


Becoming a new Representative of the Local Academy Board can seem daunting, however, you will be supported in your journey .

Firstly, it is important that you meet with the LAB Chair and the Headteacher and liaise with the Clerk who will provide: 

•    Introduction to the Local Academy Board 

•    Introduction to the academy  

•    Introduction about Concordia Multi Academy Trust  

•    Set up and familiarisation with Governor Hub 

•    Opportunity to ask any questions regarding the Guide to Local Governance 

It can be daunting learning the terminology used in schools if you aren’t from education, therefore, our Clerk will support you to avoid acronym overload. 

If being a Representative is new to you, we can buddy you with an experienced Representative, who can provide some further insight, be available to answer your questions and guide you through the first few months. 


If you have now decided you would like to join one of our Local Academy Boards, please either contact us at [email protected] or contact your chosen school via their website.  At this stage, please provide an email or letter introducing your skills and why you would like to join a Local Academy Board.

Following this and subject to their being vacancies we will be in touch with you for more information and to arrange an informal meeting to learn more about each other.

Our Trust is committed to safeguarding and promoting safety and wellbeing.  If successful, we will then have to carry out some checks, including obtaining a DBS certificate (Disclosure and Barring Service).  We will also request references and carry out a Section 128 check.