Join Our Trust


We recognise fully that joining a Multi Academy Trust can be a big step for a maintained school or a single academy. Considering joining or deciding on which Trust to select can be a formidable task. We would encourage you to contact us to open the conversation and discuss the benefits of joining Concordia Multi Academy Trust without any obligation. We ensure that all discussions are confidential and our approach is to consider what is possible and what will be the best outcome for the pupils. Contact us at [email protected] or telephone our CEO Tracy Webb on 07511 159754.

Concordia Multi Academy Trust values the individuality of the academies within.  Concordia recognises that pupils within each academy have different needs so encourages the development of a bespoke personalised curriculum that meets the needs of all learners.  Our leaders know what should be in the curriculum and design their curriculum to meet the needs of the pupils in their schools. 

The Department for Education are encouraging maintained schools or smaller/empty SATS/MATs to join larger MATS. There are huge benefits to this approach both in terms of efficiencies and in terms of learner outcomes. We anticipate that in time the direction from the DFE will gain further momentum.  We recognise the importance of you having the opportunity to select the MAT of your choice and ensuring you join a MAT that has shared values, vision and aspirations with your school.

Joining Concordia will create additional opportunities for support staff, teachers and leaders to access joint professional development, network, moderate and collaborate to further improve teaching and learning outcomes for all children.  There is a wealth of expertise already within Concordia including an English Hub, specialist leaders in literacy, maths mastery specialists, special educational needs co-ordinators, moderators for both ks1 and ks2 as well as staff with a wealth of other skills and experience.

Teaching and Learning Trust Committees are led by Trustees with extensive experience in education, ensuring that the meetings are both supportive and provide challenge.  Tracy Webb, CEO of Concordia, has been a National Leader, was an Ofsted Inspector and undertakes school improvement work on behalf of Cheshire West and Chester Local Authority.  She works closely with all academies within the Trust to enhance teaching and learning opportunities, provide additional guidance and support to leaders which also includes wellbeing support.

Being part of a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) provides networking opportunities, opportunities to share skills and expertise as well as to access support.  There is strong evidence produced by the Department for Education that joining a MAT improves teaching and learning standards as well as providing development opportunities for teaching staff.  Being part of a Trust also has financial benefits that include the sharing of central service personnel, improved negotiating opportunities, benefits from economies of scale as well as access to consistent centralised services.

We will provide oversight and expertise guiding any incoming Schools in to our Trust with project plans, communication strategies and due diligence support.

If you would like to discuss joining our Trust or finding out more about us, please contact us at [email protected] or telephone our CEO Tracy Webb on 07511 159754.